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Expanding Job Opportunities for Ironworkers and their Contractors

The off the Job accident program has been a God's send for our injured members and helps them from digging a financial hole. There is a process  of educating the members, following up with the paperwork to the Trust Fund, insuring the member is paid. This extra time is on behalf of the Business Manager but it is worth it.

Michael L. Baker
Iron Workers District Council of North Central States



The Davis-Bacon Act sets wage rates on federally funded projects, which helps provide a "level playing field" for union contractors bidding those projects.

IMPACT provides Davis-Bacon training to members covering compliance, application, and wage decisions to ensure that all regional rates properly reflect current collective-bargaining agreements.

IMPACT provides this essential support for the ongoing efforts to have ironworker collectively bargained rates officially recognized as the prevailing classification for Ironworkers wage and fringe benefits across the country.

Chris_Burger_Photo_75_75_cy_c_t_100For more information about this program contact
Christopher Burger
(800) 545-4921
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