Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust

Expanding Job Opportunities for Ironworkers and their Contractors

"IMPACT is an unmatched cooperative effort between the Iron Workers and its contractors. It brings the best contractors, working and learning hand-in-hand with the locals and top Iron Workers management.  It is a must for both contractors and the Iron Workers to keep both parties pushing in the same direction."

- Brad Churchill, CEO, US Erectors, Inc.


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  1. To improve the economic competitiveness of the ironworking industry. Identify and expand work opportunities for Iron Workers and signatory contractors. Help resolve problems which reduce the competitiveness and economic development of the industry not susceptible to resolution within the collective bargaining process.
  2. Establish innovative marketing programs and tools for promoting the ironworking industry on the local and national levels.
  3. Develop educational programs to advance safety and health. Conduct research and perform studies to minimize hazards within the industry.
  4. Assist in the establishment and maintenance of quality training and apprenticeship programs.
  5. Address issues of insurance and bonding affecting the industry.
  6. Establish mechanisms to monitor and help enforce compliance with governmental laws, regulations and standards affecting the industry. Lobby and petition government officials and legislators to influence legislation, rules, regulations and standards affecting the industry.
  7. Establish local and regional labor-management committees to assist in the purposes of the Trust.
  8. Sponsor meetings, seminars and programs concerning issues affecting the industry. Communicate and educate the public and our customers on issues of concern to the industry.
  9. Facilitate the exchange of information between employers and Iron Workers concerning projects, contracts, events and trends affecting the industry. Provide a forum for discussion of issues of mutual interest. Encourage free collective bargaining between Iron Workers and employers.
  10. Establish alliances and mergers of existing trusts or entities to advance mutual interests and improve the efficiency and achievement of common goals.
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