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SAFETY is PRIORITY ONE for Iron Workers. We strive to make our signatory contractors and elite workforce your first choice. Here's why...

$100 million dollars annually re-invested to train our workforce to be the safest in the industry
• Our Off-The-Job Accident Program saves millions a year helping eliminate false insurance claims
• On average locals allocate $50,000 per apprentice in training to ensure an elite workforce
$300,000 dollars annually developing iron worker contractors into viable successful businesses
$5.1 million invested annually to ensure Iron workers are the best trained and most technologically advanced workforce for our contractors and their employers
• Signatory contractors are 90% more likely to be able to provide the needed manpower for any given project
• An impressive 98.2% of welds pass first inspections
97% of our contractors have a TRIR below the national average of 3
• Our contractors average 25 years of on the job experience

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