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SAFETY is PRIORITY ONE for Iron Workers. We strive to make our signatory contractors and elite workforce your first choice. Here's why...

$100 million dollars annually re-invested to train our workforce to be the safest in the industry
• Our Off-The-Job Accident Program saves millions a year helping eliminate false insurance claims
• On average locals allocate $50,000 per apprentice in training to ensure an elite workforce
$300,000 dollars annually developing iron worker contractors into viable successful businesses
$5.1 million invested annually to ensure Iron workers are the best trained and most technologically advanced workforce for our contractors and their employers
• Signatory contractors are 90% more likely to be able to provide the needed manpower for any given project
• An impressive 98.2% of welds pass first inspections
97% of our contractors have a TRIR below the national average of 3
• Our contractors average 25 years of on the job experience

Latest News

  • Ironworkers On the Safe Side

    A public hearing was convened by the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board to obtain industry stakeholder testimony for adopting new safety standards pertaining to reinforcing steel and post-tensioning operations.
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  • Construction Diversity Summit Aims to Break the Glass Ceiling

    Key officials from the Department of Labor (DOL), North America's Building Trades Unions (NABTU), and leading organizations promoting diversity and inclusion in the building trades met at the NABTU on January 26th to discuss strategy and make history. Robust discussion that followed panel presentations and Q&A at the Construction Diversity Summit led to some groundbreaking conclusions.
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  • Construction Industry Predictions Show Gains in 2017

    When it comes to ironworkers, that shortage is perceived. Thereâs no shortage of skilled ironworkers, rigging professionals or welders if you know where to look. When contractors partner with the Iron Workers (IW) at the planning stage, it has the facilities and capacity to supply ironworkers and scale up training to fit their needs. The IW invests millions each year in training and apprenticeship programs to ensure its ironworkers are the best in the industry. They are safety-conscious and come highly trained with necessary safeguards and guarantees.
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