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Expanding Job Opportunities for Ironworkers and their Contractors

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IMPACT Construction College

The mission of the ICC is to provide continuing education and training opportunities for our current contractors and to develop new contractors. This mission supports the vision of General President Eric Dean that we double our market share by 2020.

To access any of the ICC education and training options, you will need to sign in and update your IMPACT profile, or if you are new to the IMPACT website, create a profile. This information is to allow us to easily contact you about education and training opportunities.

If you have not signed in and need to update or create a profile, then go to Member Sign-In and either sign in or create your profile. Once you have signed in as a member, return to this page to learn more about the ICC.

contractor_courses_65_65_bor5_d4d6bf_all_32Contractor Courses

IMPACT offers hands-on Contractor Courses at events throughout the year. Look here for current course offerings.

green-business-graph_1_65_65_bor5_d4d6bf_all_32Growing a Business Webcast Series

The monthly IMPACT Webcast Series on Growing a Business hosted by IMPACT’s Dr. Cindy Menches provides our contractors with information, tools, and resources that they can use to grow and improve their business.

green-construction_65_65_bor5_d4d6bf_all_32Green Construction

Green Construction training provides a comprehensive guide to the Ironworkers’ role in the “green” construction workforce.

webinar_65_65_bor5_d4d6bf_all_32Safety Webinars & Web Training

Find recorded versions of IMPACT’s latest Safety Webinars, as well as other Web training.

shop_welding_65_65_bor5_d4d6bf_all_32Shop Supervisor Training

Shop Supervisor Training is designed to improve the operation and efficiency of our shops through leadership development.

blueprint_65_65_bor5_d4d6bf_all_32Superintendent Training

Superintendent Training is designed to develop construction site leaders for our contractors.

survival-of-the-fittest_65_65_bor5_d4d6bf_all_32Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest training focuses on the necessary skills, attitudes and behaviors to compete and succeed in the construction industry.

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