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Expanding Job Opportunities for Ironworkers and their Contractors

BILD Program

IMPACT launched the Business Incubator Leadership Development (BILD) program last year to boost contractor success through all stages of development. From startups to established businesses and those in generational transition, the BILD program helps contractors manage risk, reduce cost, and increase profitability.

BILD provides contractors with a structured business process and a dedicated coaching team to evaluate individual business needs, develop a strategic action plan, and follow-up every step of the way. The coaching team also guides contractors through the process of establishing metrics for evaluating the health and success of their construction business.

IMPACT’s commitment to contractor success doesn’t stop there. The BILD program ensures contractors have the tools they need to do the job by providing direct access to construction industry professionals such as legal, accounting, bonding and insurance, lending, marketing, and sales experts. BILD also provides access to ironworker trade specialists in the areas of estimating, bidding, field operations and safety. Contractor benefits include discounted rates for these subject matter experts and access to more favorable insurance and lending rates.

At the end of the day, the BILD program helps contractors take their construction business to the next level while creating new job opportunities for ironworkers.

BILD infrastructure was completed in fall 2019 and the pilot program was launched in winter/spring 2020.

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