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“I think that anyone who attended this conference would have to admit that very honest, and straightforward labor-management dialogue was the driving theme of the conference… And in times such as these, that is exactly what people are looking for in their leaders. What the Ironworkers have clearly set forth is that “activities” should not be mistaken for “results”. The more labor (and management) leaders who embrace this approach, the more market share will directly result.”

Mark Breslin
Breslin Strategies Inc
San Ramon, CA


Sample Safety Programs Available for Contractor Use

The Safety and health Department has developed numerous “sample safety and health  programs” for contractor use that can be accessed and downloaded ​HERE.   These sample safety programs are intended as a general guide and template to allow our contractors to customize these programs to better suit their company policies and procedures.  Many contractors may have more stringent safety policies and procedures, or perform projects in States that operate under the provisions of “State Approved OSHA Plans”.  Many of these safety and health programs also contain sample workplace inspection checklists and training formats for customizing to each contractors’ needs.  

Floor and Roof Opening video

The “Protecting Floor and Roof Openings” video has been completed and you can download it HERE.  This video is designed to address one of the “Deadly Dozen Hazards” and prevent falls through temporary floor and roof openings.  This video illustrates “industry best practices” that has proven effective to address many hazards associated with installing, removing, and guarding temporary floor and roof openings.
As part of the 2016 “Zero Fatality and Incident” campaign commissioned by General President Dean, we want to help protect our members from fall hazards in the workplace and provide assistance to contractors throughout the United States and Canada.  The Safety and Health Department is in the process of developing additional “Deadly Dozen Hazards” videos in the near future beginning with “Off-Loading Structural Members from Trucks” and “Fall Protection”.  We want to make every effort to address the primary incident trends and causation factors that affect our members and help prevent reoccurrence.  Please contact Steve Rank in the Safety and Health Department at (916) 752-2581, Jeff Norris, Canadian Safety Coordinator at (780) 459-4498, or Vicki O’Leary District Representative for Safety and Diversity at (202) 702-7828 if you have any questions pertaining to this “Protecting Floor and Roof Openings” video.

Steve RankFor more information about this program contact
Steve Rank
(916) 259-1016

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