Regional Advisory Boards

Thirteen Regional Advisory Boards (RABs) exist across the United States and Canada establishing forums to help support and foster regional labor management initiatives and evaluate new and existing IMPACT programs.

Each RAB is guided by an Executive Committee comprised of an equal amount of labor and management representatives.

“The IMPACT labor-management model is focused on the local issues that challenge Ironworkers and their contractors on a daily basis,” says IMPACT management co-chair Bill Brown.

The RABs are supported by four IMPACT regional directors: Kevin Byrnes as Eastern regional director, Chuck Decker as Midwest regional director, Jim McGuire as Western regional director and Bert Royer as Canadian regional director. The regional directors work closely with the RABs to insure each region maintains a vested interest and is kept apprised of all IMPACT initiatives and programs.

IMPACT relies on its members for feedback and ideas to help strengthen the ironworking industry and better prepared for the road ahead.