2017 North American Iron Workers/IMPACT Labor-Management Conference

Monday, March 20, 2017

Breakout 1: A Frank Discussion with Iron Workers and IMPACT Leadership (Contractors Only)

Breakout 2: “Even Steven”The Fight for Fair Contracting and Compliance

Breakout 3: Navigating the New Administration to Win Jobs

Breakout 4: Business Managers Those Who Want to Grow Must Attend!

Breakout 5: Invest Right – Building Investment Trust

Breakout 6: What’s a Public-Private Partnership and Why is it Important to Me?

Breakout 7: Millennials – Learn How to Go Beyond the Stereotypes to Communicate and Collaborate Effectively in a Multi-Generational Workplace

Breakout 8: Expanding Your Scope – One Contractor’s Journey

Breakout 9: Welding Economics - The Dollars and Cents Behind the Arcs and Sparks

Breakout 10: IW Safety Director Course

Breakout 11: Bolt it Right the First Time – Teaching Quality is Easier Than You Think!


Tuesday, March 22, 2017

Breakout 1: Putting the Pedal to the METAL – Metal Building’s Growth and Future

Breakout 2: Fab Shops – Health Care Writ Large!

Breakout 3: Business Planning for the Business Manager – Make Your Daily Juggling Act a Little Easier

Breakout 4: Where is the Work and How to Get It

Breakout 5: Stand Out From the Rest – Certifications

Breakout 6: The ELITE Work Force – Competency at Every Level, All the Time!

Breakout 7: How Will Lean Practices Give Me a Competitive Advantage?

Breakout 8: Voluntary Air Sampling Program