2017 North American Iron Workers/IMPACT Labor-Management Conference

All general or breakout session presentations that are available are embedded or linked below. To download a pdf of a presentation, click on blue, highlighted session titles. To play a video, simply click on the play button. All videos are also posted on IMPACT's YouTube channel. Please note that some speakers have asked that we not make their sessions available, and those sessions are not included on this page.

MONDAY, March 20, 2017


Conference Begins!

Eric Dean, General President, Iron Workers; Labor Co-Chair, IMPACT

William Brown, Chairman, Ben Hur Construction Co.; Management Co-Chair, IMPACT

Kevin Hilton, Chief Executive Officer, IMPACT


It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a DRONE!

Wassef Kamal, CEO, EagleLens Photography

Jean-Mario Moril, CFO, EagleLens Photography


Zero is Possible: How National Steel City Achieved Zero

Dennis Randall, Senior Vice President, National Steel City, LLC


Multiemployer Pension Reform Act (MPRA), Where Are We Now?

Moderator: Jiggs Higgs, Administrator of the Pension Department, Iron Workers

Business Managers Really Can Influence their Markets: How One Business Manager Used a Different Approach and Gained Significant Growth

Rich Jordan, Business Manager, Iron Workers Local 17 (Cleveland, Ohio)


Presentation of the George E. Kratzer Acknowledgment of Excellence Award: Those Who Measure Succeed!

Ron Piksa, General Secretary, Iron Workers; At-Large Trustee, IMPACT


A Tribute to 2016 Apprentice Competitors

Lee Worley, Executive Director of Apprenticeship and Training, Iron Workers



(1:45 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.)


Breakout 2: “Even Steven”The Fight for Fair Contracting and Compliance

Moderator: Chris Burger, Wage Compliance Administrator, IMPACT

Speakers: Christopher Alund, Director - Bureau of Public Works, New York State Department of Labor

Rebecca Clark, Regional Enforcement Coordinator, Government Contracts, U.S. Department of Labor/Wage and Hour Division

Cinthya Guerra, Senior Investigator Advisor Western Region, U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division

Danielle Harshman, Director of Marketing, Iron Workers Local 3 (Pittsburgh)

Matthew Szollosi, Executive Director, ACT Ohio


Breakout 4: Business Managers – Those Who Want to Grow Must Attend!

Speakers: Larry Brown, President, Iron Workers District Council of Southeastern States

Reis James, Industrial Analyst, Iron Workers District Council of Southeastern States


Breakout 5: Invest Right – Building Investment Trust

 Speaker: Mike Stotz, President, AFL-CIO Investment Trust Corporation


(3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.)


Breakout 6: What’s a Public-Private Partnership and Why is it Important to Me?

Speakers: Raymond Poupore, Executive Vice President, National Construction Alliance II

Chris Heinz, Principal, Grossman Heinz

Alex Baghdassarian, Partner, Peckar & Abramson, P.C.

Sharon Bland JD, CCM, President, Indigo Mid-Atlantic, LLC  


Breakout 8: Expanding Your Scope – One Contractor’s Journey

Speaker:  Kevin Koester, President, Apex Steel, Inc.


Breakout 9: Welding Economics - The Dollars and Cents Behind the Arcs and Sparks

Speaker: John Hartnett, Director Structural and Off Shore Segments, ESAB Welding & Cutting


Breakout 10: IW Safety Director Course

Speaker: Steve Rank, Executive Director of Safety & Health, Iron Workers


Breakout 11: Bolt it Right the First Time – Teaching Quality is Easier Than You Think!

Speaker:  John O'Brien, President & CEO, Skidmore Wilhelm






Achieving ZERO in the Toughest Environments

Chris Buckman, Vice President of Corporate Construction, BMWC Constructors, Inc. 


Amazing Technology for the IW Industry

James Benham, JBKnowledge


Business Training and Coaching

Moderator: Cindy Menches, Director of Contractor Training & Development, IMPACT

Speakers: Jodi Ellis, President/CEO, Superior Steel Erectors

Monte Ellis, Field Operations Manager, Superior Steel Erectors


Mission Possible - An Owners Panel Focused on Safety, Productivity and the IWs

Moderator: Thomas Brinsko, President, BIC Alliance

Speakers: Jim Griffin, Board Chairman, Economic Alliance Houston Port Region

Sharon Hulgan, Acrylates Production Director, The Dow Chemical Company


Safety, Diversity and the IWs: Perspective vs. Reality

Moderator: Vicki O'Leary, District Representative / U.S. Safety Coordinator, Iron Workers

Speakers: Lauren Sugerman, National Policy Director, Chicago Women In Trades

Blue Coble, Ironworker, Iron Workers Local 75 (Phoenix)

Ambra Melendez, Ironworker, Iron Workers Local 361 (Brooklyn)

Sally Perez, Ironworker, Iron Workers Local 63 (Chicago) 


Are You Winning the Bid or Just Bidding?

Speaker: Pete Adams, Director of Operations, BHI Energy


IMPACT Advertising & Marketing - Resources to Make Yourself Known


Ironworker Safety Directors Making a Difference

Moderator: Steve Rank, Executive Director of Safety & Health, Iron Workers

Speakers: Paul Benson, Safety Director, Harmon, Inc.

Rick Johnson, Director of Apprenticeship & Training, Iron Workers Local 27 (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Mark Keith, Safety Director, Harris Davis Rebar

Dave Otey, Regional Safety Manager, Rebar International, Inc.

Jason Puckett, Safety Director, Patriot Erectors, Inc.


2016 IMPACT Project of the Year Award Winners



(1:45 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.)


Breakout 1: Putting the Pedal to the METAL – Metal Building’s Growth and Future

Speaker: Ron Piksa, General Secretary, Iron Workers 

David Beard, President, Iron Workers District Council of St. Louis and Vicinity

Donald Cotchen, Vice President, Industrial Information Resources, Inc.

T.K. Frahm, Project Manager II, Butler Manufacturing

Sandi McCracken, Senior Manager FA-MB-MBA Programs, International Accreditation Service

Daniel Walker, Senior Technical Engineer, Metal Building Manufacturers Association


Breakout 2: Fab Shops – Health Care Writ Large!

Speaker: John Bielak, Executive Director of the Shop Department, Iron Workers 

Victor Cornelier, President, TSI / Exterior Wall Systems


Breakout 3: Business Planning for the Business Manager – Make Your Daily Juggling Act a Little Easier

Speakers: Timothy Speno, President and CEO, E2E Summit


Breakout 4: Where is the Work and How to Get It

Speaker:  Cindy Quiroz, Director, Business Strategy and Development, IMPACT


Breakout 5: Stand Out From the Rest – Certifications

Speaker: Lee Worley, Executive Director of Apprenticeship and Training, Iron Workers


Breakout 7: How Will Lean Practices Give Me a Competitive Advantage?

Speaker: David MacNeel, Principal & Lean Coach, On Point Lean Consulting, LLC


Breakout 8: Voluntary Air Sampling Program

Speaker: Jim Kegebein, President, Kegebein Consulting