Ampliando las oportunidades de empleos para herreros y sus contratistas

Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust

James McGuire

Western Regional Director

mcguire_jim_WEBSITE_140_200First indentured as an apprentice in Local 433, Los Angeles, in 1980, James McGuire has led an incredibly successful career as a dedicated Ironworker.  During his 31 years in the Union, Mr. McGuire has served his local in a variety of capacities, including as a Business Agent for two years and as a nonpaid officer for 14 years, nine of which were spent as Vice President.  For 17 years Mr. McGuire also taught all facets of the Ironworker trade as an apprenticeship instructor, but his keen attention to detail led him to show a particular affinity for miscellaneous metals and finishes, architectural panels, stairs, detailing and, most importantly, welding.

Mr. McGuire has said he is committed to meeting contractors face-to-face and addressing individual issues to help Contractors and Ironworkers grow market share together.

Mr. McGuire has also been a proud member of the Ironworker Motorcycle Club since its founding.



    Project of the Year Award recognizes contractors who achieve outstanding SAFETY performance. Contractors and their Ironworkers complete countless, complex projects throughout the United States and Canada each year and truly deserve to be recognized nationally for their amazing efforts and dedication.

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